Buckle Down and Get to Work!

Hard to get into the swing of things when everyone is home, due to snow and ice. I have recently left a bad bout of depression, (Im writing a little blurb about what depression looks like for me), anyway… Judi is back to work today, and my youngest is back to school (2 hour late opening), and I’m ready to buckle down and get to work! I started yesterday by organizing and cleaning my studio (which means making my studio a huger mess!) I will finish by putting everything back into its proper place this morning. I hope that after breakfast I will be able to enter my studio and get right back into the swing of painting. My goal is to paint 10 more canvases in 14 days!!! I hope to document that a little on my Facebook Illustration page, and here as well.

Ok now GET TO WORK!!!! ( that was me talking to me not you… you can do whatever you want.)

Happy New Year

Well it’s January 6th 2017! Christmas is over (yes we observe all 12 days and celebrate several other observances within those 12 days. Last night being Twelfth Night was really nice, just the family this year, it was perfect). Anyway…I wrote my resolutions for the new year (11 so far) during our annual viewing of Gentlemen Broncos on New Years eve. I’m putting away our Christmas decorations, and cleaning up the studio after the busiest time of my art/business year. And once I have space in my studio to get to work it will be time to start it all over. 🙂 I’m really looking forward to getting back to work painting for my show “My World and Welcome to it.” opening February 3, 2017 at Brass Works Gallery.

So one thing I decided, around the second or third day of Christmas (my feelings hurt and kind of blue) was, to limit my posts on FB. I still like the ability to connect to a large group of people and to stay in touch with folks I might not stay in touch with offline, but like many people I have bouts with depression, anxiety, and anger, more so when I haven’t slept and or rested. This is when I find my filters, and tools I use to stay mentally healthy, falter and are forgotten, or ignored. The main tool of course, the practice of staying present. (If you are unfamiliar with this, I like to think of it as a form of perpetual meditation, a state in which you stop thinking, but just exist. No future, no past, just now, because really that is all there is. NOW! Anyway, being that I had been busy, busy, busy, not getting a lot of sleep, not using my light therapy, and probably having a bit more libations then usual, I had slowly let my guard down, my skin thinned, and I found Face Book to be too much. Politics, evil in the world, stupidity (the real kind not the funny kind) and mediocrity, the list goes on. I thought, Thomas… its time to make your world smaller…for a while at least. Time to exist here, now. Time to be, for the lack of a better word selfish. My number one priority is myself, my family, and my closest friend. FB, the news (especially on FB), Politics (especially on FB), All those organizations that want money (especially on FB and email), all the horrors and inhumanities (seen especially on FB), all the disasters, natural and otherwise (made aware of usually on FB)… let em go, let all that disappear… make my world small.

I’m not gonna be posting much on FB for awhile. I’ll still try and post things on my Art Page however so keep checking there. I will be trying to use my blog here more often, for sure. BTW, if you haven’t noticed, i think its quite obvious, I’m not a writer, I can’t spell great, (however I think it’s improving), I often forget to use proper grammar, especially when I’m wiring on the computer, and last but not least… On my blog, I will be doing very little proof reading so unless it’s really bad or a super repetitive mistake, don’t bother to point these mistakes out, I’ll try to fix things as I see them. Ok well time to get back to