D&D Summer Camp

I have three spots left at the table for my beginning D&D camp. June 19-23 if you live in Portland or nearby and you are interested email me at [email protected] and I will send you the info you desire!

My world… and welcome to it.

My World… And Welcome To It

As many of you know I have a fondness for toys from my childhood, toys that I still have, toys that I had and have recollected over the years, and toys that I always wished I had and purchased as an adult. As an artist I have always been drawn to portraiture, eliminating aspects of other types of painting to the bare essence of person, animal, or object is what excites me and what I hope to accomplish with this show.
I will be working differently this go around too. Working directly on the canvas, straightforward painting, in an impasto style, in hopes of creating an energy and a soul to these inanimate objects, so that the viewer might see these toys as I experience them, full of life and beautiful. I feel, for some reason, that I am ready to fail in a big way with these painting, and by approaching it this way I hope to give myself the space to  paint and react in a bold and free manor.