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Blade Runner 2049… a Master Piece in my Book.

If you loved Blade Runner like I did when it first hit the screen 35 years ago, you’re gonna love Blade Runner 2049. There is so many reasons to, but I won’t give any thing away. The Consistency in design, the believable changes in design that would develop over 30 years, and the things that would stay the same made the world real to me. The respect for the original material, design, honoring the feel for the music of the original, while not imitating had me excited from the beginning. I knew this was going to be a wonderful experience right away.

So if you are like me in anyway, I encourage you to see this movie. And if you want to add to the experience, and why wouldn’t you, I urge you to watch this short animated film before you go.

Blade Runner – Black Out 2022