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Thomas Webb Fine Art & Illustration

The Puppet Show

From my 2015 Solo Show at Brassworks Gallery, With additions in 2017, and 2018

Artist statement from the 2015 opening.

Seven years ago I was watching CBS Sunday Morning, and writing in my sketchbook (a long tradition of therapy for me). I thought  wouldn’t it be funny to have an art show called “The Puppet Show”. You know me, funny, laughter, kindness, innocence, love… mixed with a little devilry, it’s what I’m all about, puppets are about that too. Instantly I thought, “Man I’d love to paint a giant Charlie McCarthy head” and started a little sketch.

I dedicate “The Puppet Show “ to my wife Judi, without whom I could not have done it.



Gouache and ink resist painting

Gouache over textured gesso

Gouache on paper and Birch panel

Charcoal on paper